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3 Zodiac Signs Whose Next Life Chapter Is All About Winning


Eyes on the prize, Capricorn. You’ve always been ambitious, but you know what it’s like to experience setbacks just after you’ve hit a new personal high. It seems every time you achieve something big, there is another obstacle you have to overcome to get to the next big win. This time, however, it will be different. In your next life chapter, you will be experiencing one riveting success after another nonstop, both in your business and personal endeavors. More than ever, it’s important to keep a positive mindset and be grateful for all your past wins. They paved the path to the victories you’re about to obtain.


Keep that resume and jawline sharp, Taurus – you’re about to capture the eyes of many potential business partners and romantic suitors. You’ve had what people may call a tough life. But you’ve risen from the ashes of your adversity with incredible speed and tenacity, and we applaud you for your ability to thrive even after dark circumstances. The truth is, Taurus, you’re a hardened giant in the spirit realm because of everything you’ve been able to surpass – circumstances most people wouldn’t even survive, let alone succeed. In your next life chapter, you’re about to reap all the rewards for your hard work in the material realm. All your ancestors and spirit guides are so proud of you. Keep going and don’t give up.


Sagittarius, both your epic victories and your adversity have shaped you in powerful ways and this next life chapter is all about winning and manifesting abundance beyond your wildest dreams. Your determination and passion are stellar examples of what it means to achieve the impossible. Resist the urge to play small during this time, Sagittarius. You deserve the world and frankly the entire universe for what you’ve been through and how you’ve used your magical gifts to contribute to the greater good. Now it’s time for you to benefit – for all the love and generosity you’ve given to the world to be given back to you, tenfold. Congratulations. You deserve it and you are so worthy of it.

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