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3 Zodiac Signs Whose Magic Will Be Amplified During The New Moon On May 17, 2024

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Get out your crystals this evening, Taurus. The New Moon in Taurus enhances their innate connection to the Earth and their ability to manifest their desires. They will find themselves feeling more grounded and focused during this time, making it an ideal time for setting intentions related to their long term goals. They’ll experience a heightened sense of empowerment, clarity, and creativity, allowing them to tap into their magical potential and manifest their intentions with ease. Being ruled by Venus, they’ll also find it easier to speak to a crush during the New Moon. They’ll be smooth and suave, a master of flirtation.

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With Pluto, Scorpio’s ruling planet, in retrograde during this time, Scorpio’s will be feeling a little uneasy leading up to the New Moon. Things will shift a bit, though, as the New Moon will highlight Scorpio’s intensity and depth. This will cause them to experience a powerful surge of transformational energy. This is an optimal time for them to dive deep into their emotions and subconscious mind. With the New Moon they’ll feel more keen to understand other people’s emotions, and what they are thinking. Their psychic powers will be flourishing, which could be used to mend any unsettling relationships.

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Being known as the most intellectual sign of the Zodiac doesn’t take away the fact that Aquarians can be quite intuitive, especially when it comes to magic and the moon. The New Moon is a powerful time for Aquarians to tap into their inner magic and embrace their unique gifts and perspectives. They will feel a heightened sense of inspiration, guiding them toward new horizons of growth. During the New Moon, they will feel attuned to magical energy and will feel inspired to channel their insights and ideas for the benefit of the world around them. This will amplify their sense of purpose and motivate them to initiate positive change in the world.

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