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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have A Rough Start To Gemini Season 2024

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Virgo in your case — precision is paramount, and the devil is truly in the details. As Gemini season stirs up a storm of too much information and toxic social exchanges, your need for order could feel overwhelmed by the chaotic influx of messages and guilt. Your ruler, Mercury, clashing with the erratic Uranus at the end of May, symbolizes a time where your usual attention to detail is thwarted by unexpected technological mishaps or communication breakdowns. It’s a period that demands adaptability—a trait you possess but often resist deploying. The key to navigating this period is to embrace a more dynamic approach to problem-solving without letting go of your bad boss core.

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Scorpio, your depth is your strength, but during Gemini season, the superficial chatter and fleeting interests around you can feel especially draining. You prefer conversations that dive deep and connections that promise emotional resonance, but you’ll find the general mood is against such depths. The challenge here is not to dismiss the opportunities that lighter, more casual interactions might offer. When Jupiter in Gemini trines Pluto in your sign in early June, it opens a gateway to transform your approach to these interactions, turning fleeting contacts into gateways for more meaningful engagements, if only you can tolerate their initial superficiality.

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Capricorn, you thrive on stability and long-term planning. However, the mutable air of Gemini season brings a frenetic pace that clashes with your “perfect” approach. The transit of Mars into Taurus, starting from June 8, adds to your woes by slowing down your usual zest for direct action in the workplace or on personal projects. This transit feels like driving with the brakes on, frustrating for someone who likes to see consistent progress. Your challenge will be to find merit in the slow lane, using this time to refine rather than advance your goals. Adaptability is not your natural forte, but it can become a valuable skill during this season, because you’re going to need it

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