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3 Zodiac Signs Who Need A More Positive Inner Dialogue

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1. Virgo

There is no one who is harder on Virgo than Virgo is on themselves. This hardworking earth sign is deeply self-critical in their pursuit of perfection. These traits lead to Virgo’s negative inner dialogue, one that is quick to judge and shame, both themselves and others.

Virgo would be wise to make sure their inner dialogue has a more loving and supportive tone. One can’t hate or berate themselves (or others) into change and improvement.

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2. Scorpio

Scorpio has deep-rooted trust issues, leading to a dark internal narrative, one that colors the way they see the world and everyone within it. Scorpio is constantly on the defense, waiting to be hurt or screwed over.

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It’s lonely and exhausting for Scorpio to live this way, to say the least. If Scorpio wants to have healthier relationships and a better quality of life, they need to let people in and the first step is changing the way they think and talk about others.

3. Cancer

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Cancer is very sensitive. While this makes this water sign incredibly empathetic and attentive to others, it is also a double-edged sword because it means that Cancer takes things very personally when any sort of fight occurs within a relationship.

Cancer has a tendency to go inward when this happens, succumbing to negative thoughts and feelings about the situation at hand. Cancer needs to learn that conflict is a normal part of human relationships, sometime even necessary to keep a relationship healthy and authentic.

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