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3 Zodiac Signs Who Get Scared Way Too Easily

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Now that spooky season is in full swing and we’re inching ever closer to Halloween, not all zodiac signs are loving the vibes. While some signs, like Scorpio and Aries, are thriving right now, others are damn near cowering under the covers while they wait for Halloween to end. Are you one of these scaredy cat zodiac signs? You get scared way too easily, and that’s totally fine.

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You don’t like to admit it–after all, it kills the mystique–but you’re just not a fan of being scared. You aren’t the one insisting on walking through a haunted house or busting out the scary movies on Halloween. Sure, you’re down to party with everyone, but with fun and non-scary costumes only thank you. And if someone insists on a horror movies? That’s when you hang out in the kitchen cuddling the host’s dog or make your smooth exit from the party with no one the wiser.

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Scary stuff just isn’t for you, and that’s okay. You understand why people like it, but you’d rather watch movies that are fun or romantic, and not slaughter fests. Of course, that hasn’t stopped people from trying to find a horror movie you might like. And if they keep trying, they’ll just have to keep being disappointed. However, you might be down for going through a haunted house if it means hanging out with all your favorite people. They just have to promise to protect you from all the masked killers.

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It might surprise people who don’t know you super well that you’re a bit of a scaredy cat. After all, you’re a total badass in so many other aspects of your life. You’d think that you’d power through a haunted house or a horror movie marathon with ease. That nothing would scare you. Alas, that’s not you. While you might hide it well, you actually hate anything related to horror. No scary movies, no haunted houses, no jump scares or scare-based pranks. You’d like your life to be scare-free, thanks.

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