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3 Zodiac Signs That Will Embark On A Journey of Financial Prosperity Soon-ish

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In these uncertain financial times, amid rising food prices and dwindling personal savings, it’s easy to worry or even panic about the future. Not so long ago, the world seemed to be a more tranquil place, but as financial markets get rocked and major world cities get bombed, the streets beneath us feel more like quicksand than cement.

Sometimes even genius entrepreneurs lose their fortunes due to pure chance, while people who’ve never planned beyond their next meal find themselves rolling in money. But sometimes fortunes come the old-fashioned way—through hard work, ingenuity, and meticulous planning.

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Here are three zodiac signs who will soon find themselves walking down the yellow brick road toward a brighter financial future.

1. Taurus

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Stubbornness is a sword that can cut both ways. It can keep us from evolving, from learning, and from realizing that the world around us is changing and that it can be fatal if you refuse to adapt. But stubbornness can also be a virtue if you stick to your guns, don’t blindly follow trends, and refuse to make hasty decisions that always lead to disaster. If you, dear Taurus—the most famously stubborn of all the signs—can stay away from the sort of stubbornness that only leads to stagnation and instead focus on standing your ground, the Bull will emerge triumphant in what is increasingly looking like a bear market. And your newfound riches will enable you to indulge in all the pleasures, luxuries, and even mild vices that being ruled by Venus makes you crave.

2. Sagittarius

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As the grand risk-taker and bold explorer of the zodiac, you are a gambler by nature. Some people will aimlessly go on an adventure and wind up lost in the woods. Others will walk an unorthodox path and find themselves trapped in an ice cave and screaming for help. Still others take chances and wind up regretting that they didn’t have the good sense to play it safe. But over the next couple of seasons, your adventurous spirit will finally hit the jackpot—and it will be entirely accidental. As if stumbling backwards over a cliff and yet winding up high on a hilltop overlooking a shining city of gold, you will suddenly find yourself in better financial shape than you’d ever thought possible. But be careful not to let it all get to your head and blow it, because luck of this magnitude rarely comes twice in a lifetime.

3. Capricorn 

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At some point in the near future, your rational approach to life will pay off. As the famous poem goes, you are able to keep your head while everyone around you is losing theirs. You can trust yourself when everyone else doubts you. You can wait patiently without getting exhausted. You can dream without becoming deluded. You can lose but then start again without dwelling on your losses. You can run with crowds but not lose your dignity, but you can also walk with kings without betraying your roots. Because your approach is slow and steady while you retain your passion and integrity, you will soon reap the financial dividends of a life well-lived.

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