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3 Zodiac Signs That Should Try Something New This Weekend

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Taurus, your love for comfort and routine has its advantages. This weekend, however, isn’t the time to stick with your usual routine. Push yourself to get out of your comfort zone—a short activity or weekend getaway is a good way to try something new without worrying too much if it turns out to not be for you. Chances are though, Taurus, that whatever you end up doing will end up being a new regular activity for you.

What to try: You should do something creative this weekend—think photography, pottery, an art class, or playing an instrument.

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Virgo, your meticulous nature and precision in everything you do is truly commendable. But this weekend, it’s time to let go of the control you keep over your daily life a little bit. Consider going on an unplanned adventure or just enjoying a day without a set schedule. It might seem daunting, but Virgo, you may find that a splash of unpredictability is just the refreshment you need.

What to try: You might find that picking up a culinary hobby is what you need this weekend. Whip up a dish without following a recipe to the letter, visit a new local cafe, or maybe even take a cooking class on a cuisine you’re unfamiliar with.

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Capricorn, your ambition and dedication often lead you to keep your eyes firmly on the prize. This weekend, though, it might be fun to deviate from the path just a little. Let yourself wander, be it in thought, activity, or place. It might be a brief detour, Capricorn, but you might just discover a hidden gem or two along the way.

What to try: Nature could be calling your name. Consider hiking in a nearby trail you’ve never visited, camping under the stars, or even a botanical garden exploration.

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