Zodiac Signs

3 Zodiac Signs That Seriously Need to Get Over Their Ex


Cancer, you form strong emotional ties with those close to you, which often leads you to hold onto memories a bit longer than necessary. It’s evident that some past feelings are holding you back from truly moving forward in your life. While it’s in your nature to enjoy feeling nostalgic and reminiscing, it’s essential to distinguish between fondly remembering and not allowing growth. Remember, you deserve the chance to embrace fresh beginnings without being weighed down by your past.


Libra, Venus is your ruling planet, and she can sometimes cause you to be prone to romanticizing past relationships, especially if they ended on somewhat good terms. It’s time to take off those rose-tinted glasses and see the past for what it truly was. Holding onto an old flame might be preventing you from meeting someone who genuinely aligns with your current self. Embrace the present, and let the past serve as a lesson, not a blueprint.


Pisces, your dreamy and imaginative nature can sometimes trap you in a whirlpool of ‘what ifs’ and fantasies about the past. While it’s okay to wander through your emotional landscapes, it’s crucial not to get lost in them. Self-reflection is great, but keeping yourself stuck in your own memories will only bog you down. An ex might seem like the ultimate muse or lost love, but the reality might be more mundane. Ground yourself in the present, and remember: not all daydreams need revisiting.

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