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3 zodiac signs that are not made for marriage

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It is possible that these zodiac signs will change their mind at some point, but for now it is best for them to feel free and independent.


The Gemini constantly worries that her feelings for the other will change after marriage, so she tries to stay as far away from this commitment as possible. Sometimes this native feels that marriage might be fun, but he always changes his mind. He also knows that it can be difficult to live with a person for the rest of his life, and thus he convinces himself that he will end up with a divorce.

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Sagittarius does not see himself married, because for him marriage means the loss of freedom and even himself.

He is an independent person who has more casual relationships. He wants to focus on himself and his needs while he’s still young, so he leaves all these grand plans for later in life. Even if he doesn’t take this step, he likes to have wild love experiments with his best friend instead of having a partner.

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Aquarius hates the idea of ​​marriage, because he doesn’t want to end up suffering. Seeing as it’s already impossible for him to open up to anyone, it doesn’t seem like there’s much chance of him taking the big step.

Aquarius likes to be independent and take care of himself. He often worries that he won’t find anyone to match with.

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