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3 Zodiac Signs of Manipulative Men

These men are manipulators and only want to control you! Look at which zodiac signs it would be better to avoid.

Certain people are born with this talent to make others follow the line they want and to make it seem that that person is acting of their own free will. Their girlfriend would not even realize that she is being subjected to classic manipulation for a long period.

So, which is the most manipulative astrological sign? Before answering this question, we would like to state that just because someone was born under a manipulative zodiac sign, it does not mean that they cannot be trusted at all. But it is not bad to analyze twice the way he behaves, just to be sure.

Having said that, let’s discover which are the 3 signs of manipulative men, classified according to astrology:

1. Scorpio – He plays the blame game

Scorpios have outstanding leadership qualities, a persuasive personality, and a talent for attention to detail. But they also tend to be secretive, tend to find reasons not to trust you, and get jealous very easily. This combination of their strong personality traits makes them one of the most manipulative zodiac signs.

If they find a reason to blame you, they do it with great skill and, in the end, you will continue to wonder what you did wrong from the very beginning. When zodiac signs are ranked according to astrology for their manipulative tendencies, Scorpio tops the list for its ability to turn the tables and make the person on the other end question their reality.

2. Gemini – the first in the list of manipulative male signs

What is the most manipulative astrological sign? The question cannot be fully answered without mentioning the dual Gemini. People born under this zodiac sign are known to be extremely intelligent and ingenious. These three qualities form a deadly combination, which makes them one of the most manipulative zodiac signs.

Geminis are the soul of parties and are known for their sense of humor, but they are also extremely indecisive, restless, and fickle. To maintain his reputation as a person who has everything under control, he tends to cover his insecurities by pretending that he is confident in his decisions. The bubble bursts sooner or later because Geminis are also thoughtful people, and when they reflect on their decisions, they find flaws in them. This prompts them to activate their manipulative side, blaming others in response to their regrets.

3. Libra – The innocent manipulators

Curiously, Libra is never as much in control of life, its thoughts, and decisions as you would expect from a zodiac sign represented by… well, a Libra! In their attempt to always find that right balance and strive for perfection, people born under this sign tend to be extremely indecisive. They are also disarmingly charming.

If you are in love with a Libra man, this is a trait you must beware of. He will channel his charm to manipulate people and situations. Indeed, Libra is among the most manipulative and tactful zodiac signs.

When a situation seems to get out of her control, a Libra will pretend she doesn’t know what to do and ask someone else to take over. Libras can also throw in some flirting or flattery (depending on the person they are dealing with) to get what they want. If you draw their attention to their manipulative behavior, they will act as if they have no idea what you are alluding to.

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