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3 Zodiac Signs Full Of Great Emotions

We are often amazed at how people react in certain situations. It makes us admire, because they let their emotions run free and openly show what they are feeling at the moment. From the point of view of astrology, the zodiac sign could play an important role.

Showing one’s emotions openly may not be beneficial in every moment. Nevertheless, it is a wonderful quality, because those who are able to deal with their feelings very openly do not have to pretend, appear authentic and gain a lot of sympathy – without forcing them. And once your fellow human beings have recognized you as a very emotional person, they will also be happy to forgive you if you overshoot the mark. That seldom happens anyway, because many emotional people are also very sensitive and have fine antennae for their environment.

Great importance is attached to the zodiac sign, i.e. the time of your birth, in terms of emotions and emotional intelligence. Some zodiac signs are considered to be cool and considered, others are extremely sensitive or have their hearts on their tongues. We took a closer look at three particularly emotional zodiac signs.


PISCES (20.2. TO 20.3.)

Hardly any other zodiac sign is considered to be as sensitive as Pisces, which, however, is associated with a high degree of vulnerability. It is important to handle fish carefully and avoid hard arguments. This is usually easy, as the fish are well aware that they have to take good care of themselves. They skilfully avoid arguments and follow their unerring intuition.

Anyone who is friends with Pisces – or comes from this sign of the zodiac – can consider themselves lucky. Pisces are humble, good-natured and can put themselves in other people’s shoes. Their empathy often arouses deep admiration, which makes Pisces role models in many situations. Those who selfishly take advantage of the good properties of fish can, however, also reap the storm: The world of emotions then starts to boil, which can not only throw the fish themselves into chaos, but also end friendship.


The parallels to fish are obvious, because crabs are also at home in the element of water, are vulnerable and are well aware of it. Perhaps crayfish don’t slip away as quickly as fish after an argument, but winning their hearts is also far harder. What is proverbial for this zodiac sign applies here: hard shell, soft core. Anyone who has ever progressed to cancer will meet an open-hearted, sociable person with intense feelings, in short a loyal being who will not get involved with everyone.

A peculiarity of the Crabs: Strangers often do not notice their emotions and their fundamentally honest feelings. Cancer holds back, listens carefully but does not speak much. His emotional world is fully focused on the matter, but he feels no urge to express himself. Cancers would never impose themselves. Cancers often thrive in their role as mothers, as they succeed in balancing their own childish soul not only as an educator, but also as a partner for the offspring.

LIBRA (9/24 TO 10/23)

Aries or Virgo, Leo or Gemini – if you limit the number of particularly emotional zodiac signs to three, the choice is difficult. Because, of course, the twins, for example, have a special gift in dealing emotionally with people and the lions stand out because they recognize mistakes not only in others, but first of all in themselves – and try to remedy them. Nevertheless, our choice falls on the scales, which with their balancing nature ensure a form of harmony from which everyone can only benefit. Libra are often enough great artists, in life and also in their job, which they see as a calling. Convincing a Libra is not always easy – but when it succeeds, you can look forward to a period of intense emotions.

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