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3 Zodiac Men Who Give Off Bad Boy Energy

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You know the ones. They’re fiery and passionate, chaotic and wild. They’re brooding in the corner like Edward watching over Bella. While any sign in the zodiac can have the dangerous vibe of a bad boy, the following three zodiacs give off that energy whether they’re truly bad or not. If you spot a bad boy in the wild, you could always use this knowledge as a party trick so you can guess their sign. But be warned: One of these bad boys of the zodiac might fall in love with you if you do.

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The Aries bad boy has a temper. He’ll keep you on your toes because you never know when he might blow up. Luckily, if he loves you, he’ll be directing all that anger on anyone who crosses you. It’s peak “don’t mess with my woman” type of vibes. Aries also have bad boy energy because of how quickly they move on when they lose interest in someone. Sorry, you aren’t going to get the long conversations to help you with closure. This guy has other more important things to do.

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The Gemini bad boy is chaos personified. Hot and cold, interested and then ghosting you–being with them is a whirlwind that you’ll barely have a chance to catch your breath for. Expect lots of flirting to come your way, but just know that they’ll do this with everyone, even when you’re together. As soon as they’re not interested anymore, they become cold and distant. You’ll definitely get two-faced vibes from a Gemini bad boy, which explains why this zodiac signs is represented by the twins.


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The Scorpio bad boy is probably what you picture when you think of the stereotypical bad boy. They’re brooding, dark, and mysterious, and when they like you, you feel like the sexiest person in the room. They have high emotions and sex appeal, but when it comes to actually talking about how they feel or things that happened to them in their past, they’ll shut down like a spooky bank vault. If they feel even a little bit like you want more from them than they’re willing to give, you’ll be getting ghosted.

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