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3 Zodiac Duos Who Have A Tough Time Traveling Together

As the adage goes, just because you’re close friends with someone doesn’t always mean you’ll get along with them, with some issues in life testing the fortitude of your friendship. Just as sharing an apartment with a close friend might cause some intermittent rifts or tensions, traveling with your best friend has the potential to cause all kinds of migraine-inducing problems, from bickering over vacation itineraries to arguing over which hotel room to stay at during your trip.

Aries + Virgo

If Aries are all about living in the moment, then Virgos occupy the opposite end of the spectrum, meticulously mapping out all possibilities in regards to future events. For this reason alone, Aries and Virgos have difficulty enjoying a vacation together, routinely butting heads over how they should broach their travels. Whereas Virgos might want to draw up a day-by-day schedule for every aspect of the trip, Aries prefers to decide things the day of, leading to all kinds of arguments between these stubborn astrological counterparts.

Capricorn + Sagittarius

As with Aries and Virgos, Capricorns and Sagittarians tend to fall into two completely different categories when it comes to diligent planning and spontaneous decision-making. Like their fellow earth sign in Virgo, Capricorns cherish the idea of rigid organization, allowing them to account for every minute detail that falls under their control. Sagittarians, on the other hand, prefer to maintain an element of improvisation to their vacation, settling on an activity with little to any preparation ahead of time.

Taurus + Leo

Based on their overarching personalities, few signs have such dissimilar temperaments as Taurus and Leo. In Taurus’ view, the ultimate vacation prioritizes rest, such as snoozing for a few hours under a toasty summer sun. Leos, on the other hand, thrive when it comes to endless activities, allowing them to explore new places they’ve never encountered before. In essence, Leos and Taureans tend to desire different things in regards to potential vacations, with Taureans loudly yawning in museums or busy nightclubs while Leos restlessly tap their feet whenever they’re forced to sit by an idyllic hotel pool.

3 Zodiac Duos Who Have A Tough Time Traveling Together
3 Zodiac Duos Who Have A Tough Time Traveling Together

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