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3 Zodiac Duos Who Are Toxic Together (But Can’t Stay Away From Each Other)

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There are some zodiac couples who are so wrong for each other and they know it, so they stay away. And there are some zodiac duos who know, deep down, how wrong they are and yet they cannot seem to let go. These are the toxic zodiac duos who can’t stay away from each other:

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Aries and Taurus

This duo is one full of pent-up hostility, whether either of them wants to admit it or not. You’ve got spontaneous Aries with a Taurus who values stability and practicality. While they might be attracted to one another at first, they will quickly see how wrong they are for one another, even on a friendship level. With these two, it will be challenge after challenge and fight after fight. They’re both incredibly stubborn and argumentative, never wanting to admit when they’re wrong. They bump heads often, and it’s never pretty, but they will never be the one to part ways first because they take it as a sign of defeat.

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Leo and Scorpio

On the outside, these two make an incredibly passionate couple, but really, they are very wrong for each other. They’re the ones posting mushy content of and about one another and being all touchy-feely and sensual. The reality is, though, as far as toxic matches go, these two take the cake. They don’t like people to see the real them, which is why Scorpio is so mysterious and Leo likes to put on a smile and a show. They can’t let go of one another, even though they know deep down they should, because they don’t want to seem weak. It’s always a power struggle with them.

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Virgo and Sagittarius

Opposites attract, right? That’s why this pair simply can’t stay away from one another. We’ve got Virgo with their feet on the ground and Sagittarius with their head in the clouds. When it works, it works, but these two often struggle to make it work. They can never agree on anything and will always struggle to get the other person to see their point of view. They will always end up frustrated and in an argument. They’re better off as friends (barely…) and yet they can’t seem to get that through their heads. They want to keep trying, to prove themselves and each other wrong.

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