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3 Zodiac Duos That Have An Irresistible Natural Magnetism Between Them

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These zodiac duos are irresistably drawn to one another and can’t stay apart for too long. They have such intense chemistry and natural magnetism between them that they make even onlookers blush.

Scorpio and Scorpio

Double the power, double the intensity, and double the trouble. The sensuality of both Scorpios can serve as quite the show when these two get together. Mysterious, captivating, alluring and seductive, both signs can strive to out-do the other when it comes to who’s more charismatic, impressing the other with their dark humor and skills in the bedroom. Although this pairing tends to become toxic quickly, their white-hot tension in the honeymoon stage is explosive.

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Sagittarius and Gemini

Combine the free-spirited Sagittarius with the unpredictable Gemini and you’ve got yourself feisty intellectual debates, a plethora of raunchy jokes, and playful adventures in the bedroom. Commitment is not a serious thought for either of them, which ironically leads them chasing each other because no other sign gives the other the freedom and space they truly desire. These “opposing” signs of the Zodiac bring a powerful new meaning to “opposites attract.”

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Libra and Taurus

These signs are naturally drawn toward each other in an irresistible, magnetic pull. Each admires the other for their distinctive style and their shared love for the tangible pleasures of life. They enjoy fine dining and elaborate courtship rituals involving lots of decadent food and wine. Their physical connection is just as indulgent, and they can’t stay apart physically for too long before they begin to crave each other.

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