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3 Ways To Love A Sagittarius

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Represented by the centaur with his bow and arrow, those born under the sign of Sagittarius are known for their independent streak as much as their grandiose ideals for humanity. They are truth-seekers in a world of illusion, determined to absorb as much cultural and spiritual experience as they can.

Some spend years in the classroom, while others are autodidacts, traveling the world to absorb knowledge through lived experience. Some are spiritually agnostic, while others express deep and devout commitment to their religious faith. As the mutable fire sign, their passion is not stubborn like a Leo’s or aggressive like an Aries’. Instead, it is thoughtful, adaptable, and curious.

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At the core of every Sagittarius is the dauntless spirit of The Archer, brimming with joyful and childlike excitement for the world. These people are constantly seeking others who are able to keep up with their adventurous and daring approach to life. If you’re willing to indulge their flights of fancy, you’ll have a partner in crime for life.

Whether you’re years into a relationship with your Sag or learning the idiosyncrasies of this sign for the first time, here are some ways you can show up for them in the way they understand best.

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Let them talk

Your Sag enjoys spirited debate and discussion that helps them understand the cultural and sociological underpinnings of their beliefs and biases. They don’t fear the truth. In fact, they would do anything to find it. But in true Sagittarius style, they don’t expect every piece of knowledge to fall directly into their laps; rather, they want to go finding it themselves, viewing the journey as equally as important as the destination. Your Sag will appreciate a sounding board when they are exploring a new idea.

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Be adaptable

As a mutable sign, your Sag is going to be a bit unpredictable sometimes. One day they’re talking about starting a homestead and the next they’re looking at luxury New York apartments on Zillow. They change their minds quickly due to their over-consumption of new information, which they absorb at a seemingly dizzying pace. You might find it difficult to keep up at times. The good news? You’re not supposed to be their enabler. They secretly want someone who will rein them in while allowing them the independence they so deeply desire.

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Leave them wild

There is nothing that will drive a Sagittarius away faster than feeling constrained or restricted. If they feel controlled by you, they will ultimately choose their freedom over their relationship, no matter how much they love you. There is nothing they fear more than living a basic existence, and if you’re the white-picket-fence type, you probably won’t last long with a Sag. They will inevitably go stir-crazy in the suburbs. If you want to keep them around, you will have to understand that they are not satisfied with a simple life and a small world. They want the chance to see and experience everything.

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