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3 Signs That Want More Money Than Love. Are You One Of Them?

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If you are among the zodiac signs that want more money than love, March may bring you what you want!

Remember the days when people judged others if they got married for money? Over time, we’ve really downplayed the importance of money, as if we’re trying to figure out the root of all evil. We are upset that others have it, and we seldom admit that we are jealous of the rich.

If we see money as an enemy, how can we expect wealth?

Fortunately, not all of us are stuck on this track: money is the devil’s eye, and this opens a door for money to actually enter our lives.

Money is not a dirty little secret, in fact, it is what many people want more than love at certain times in their lives.

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3 signs that want more money than love. Are you one of them?


This month’s astral conjunctions help you get straight to the point: you want money and you want a lot.

Gone are the days when you waited for the saving prince to appear and get rid of all your financial troubles. You feel like you’re too old to believe in love. Sure, it’s great to love and be loved, but love goes through the stomach and certainly doesn’t give you the stability you want.

If you could get some cash, you would surely feel that you have reached heaven and that heaven would be much better than the one that comes with love.

You are not looking to enter into a relationship with someone who cannot be supported and you totally avoid people who need to pay for them. You have passed the stage in which you allow others to take advantage of you or your love of interest.

You want your money because money gives you the freedom to fall in love.

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It’s not necessarily a trait of yours, but you’re stuck for money at this point in your life. You want a lot more money than you want to love. You had love and it’s great, but now you’re not doing well financially and love doesn’t pay your bills.

You feel that love is a waste of time because you want fantastic things and evenings in the city, which you can only get with the help of money.

Love doesn’t work for you, at least not now.

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Love is a thing of the past. It was great? Sure you do! Was it lasting? Not! Where are you now? Well, you’re not where you thought you were at this point in your life.

Although it would be nice to nestle in someone’s arms, it would certainly be nicer to be sure that you will not be left without a roof over your head for the next few years, and that is why you prefer money to love.

You don’t think you have to follow anyone’s rules. If people believe that love is the only answer, then so be it, they are them, you are you.

You are realistic and you have come to know that if something makes you feel really good, it is money, not love.

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