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3 Signs of Men Who Do Not Know How to Express Their Love

Some men manage to express what they feel very quickly. Either through words or gestures full of affection. But many others are not able to show their love.

Maybe because they are afraid to expose their feelings or because they simply think that the woman next to them should know or intuit what they feel. Although it is difficult to have a relationship with such a man, the fact that he does not know how to show his feelings does not mean that he does not love you.

Here are the three zodiac signs of men who do not know how to express their love:


Although communication is their strong point, Gemini men are not good at showing their affection. Emotions are a taboo subject for these natives, who usually emphasize logic and reasoning. It rarely happens that a Gemini man makes declarations of love or particularly romantic gestures.

They will do this only when they feel it is necessary, such as in a critical moment of the relationship. But even if he can’t easily show his feelings or openly express his emotions, you will know when a Gemini man is in love with you. He will do everything he can to always be around you and talk non-stop, aiming to impress you.


Another sign that has difficulties in expressing feelings is Virgo. The natives of this zodiac sign do not openly say what they feel, but they manage to show their love through gestures that they consider full of affection.

For example, they could organize your schedule perfectly, give you career advice or carefully analyze your diet and recommend a healthy diet. Although they seem difficult to decipher at first glance, all these are ways in which the man of the Virgo sign shows you that he loves you.


An air sign, ruled by Uranus, Aquarius is known for its difficulty in showing its feelings. Aquarius natives perfectly combine the artistic spirit with the rational side, but one of their weaknesses is ignoring emotions.

Even if they have deep feelings, Aquarius men prefer to repress them and act as if they don’t exist. Because of this, they can face emotional difficulties. They are considered uncaring and cold, although the truth is completely different. The natives of this sign manage to truly open their souls only when they find their great love.

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