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3 Powerful Lessons Of Self Love From A Taurus, Virgo, Or Capricorn

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) are the stable, practical, pragmatic members of the Zodiac. Whereas some of us are prone to getting lost in emotions, absorbed in intellect, or caught in the fiery throws of passionate intensity, earth signs remain grounded in a way that allows others to feel deeply held in their presence. This capacity to remain level-headed and self-led is unparalleled. When tapped into the energy of self love, a healthy earth sign sees their natural strengths with reverence and awe, shining a light no one else can recreate. Here are 4 powerful lessons an earth sign teaches us about what it means to love yourself:

1. You deserve to take up space — all of it.

Although individual talents, gifts, and strengths differ (and for good reason), an earth sign teaches us what it means to stand upright on our own two feet. These signs see people for who they are, especially for characteristics making them unique. Being signs who live within the realm of physical reality, an earth sign wants nothing more than to support your natural expression. While some of us may feel triggered to hide certain parts of our natural form, earth signs know behaviors of escapism lead nowhere to self-love, ultimately creating cracks in our foundation. An earth sign shows up as themselves in this physical reality, in part, because it’s the only way they know how. Whatever quirks you contain, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn know you deserve to show up fully. The best release comes not through escapism, but rather by leaning into ourselves completely.

2. You’re already “there.”

The desire to set an intention is often done innocently, yet an earth sign knows it’s foolish to believe there’s anything missing within us that creates separation from living out our values in the present. Ideals, when brought down to earth, are simply values our soul longs to be expressing. Whether one’s dream is to travel more, to finish an advanced degree, to embark on a series of new health behaviors… it’s far within our power to bring words of the future or lessons of the past into present forms of embodiment. An earth sign knows the only place we live is in the current moment, and the energy we bring into the world is palpable. The only source of emotional fulfillment comes from within the present, including the emotional fulfillment we receive as we reach a place of desired goals and outcomes. Grounded in the comfort of our soul, we recognize the root of all endeavors result from somewhere deeply that’s deeply present, not found in seemingly far-off destinations.

3. You’re safe to slow down.

In the pace of the modern world, it’s far too easy to run on autopilot in a constant state of sympathetic activation. Earth signs teach us the meaning of presence — to be where our feet are, to feel the support of the grounded earth beneath us. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are intuitively aware of their bodily needs and they teach us the importance of slowing down. It’s only when we give ourselves permission to listen that we hear deeper needs and wishes. The unity of the mind-body connection is real, and the impact this system has shapes our lives in ways many of us are often not conscious of. Mindfulness allows deep healing to happen, and it’s from this space of self-respect a foundation of self-trust is formed. Love, when rooted and experienced internally, radiates outward, giving our soul permission to flourish in it’s natural full expression.

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