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3 Powerful (But Toxic) Zodiac Soulmate Duos

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Virgo and Sagittarius

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You two could not be more different yet can be powerful soulmates, whether platonic or romantic, because you have so much to contribute to each other’s growth. Sagittarius, you teach Virgo to stop becoming overly absorbed in the details to the point of self-destruction. Virgo, Sagittarius teaches you to loosen up and roam a little freer. Both of you bring balance to each other’s lives and love to laugh together and strategize about goals. But at the end of the day, your personalities can clash in ways that feel insurmountable. Virgo is stubborn and will nitpick to the point of no return, and Sagittarius cannot handle being around too much criticism for too long – they need positivity and healthy praise to drive them. This promising partnership usually has many irreconcilable differences, especially in the realm of communication, and would need strong mutual shared goals to keep going.

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Aquarius and Cancer

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Aquarius, you can be cold and aloof to the emotions of others, and Cancer, you are deeply sensitive, sometimes to your own detriment. These two may have a lot to offer each other in terms of learning each other’s emotional love languages, and while the relationship can be tumultuous, it can offer opportunities for tremendous growth and mutual self-reflection. Yet Aquarius usually needs someone who offsets their aloofness with more cheerfulness and optimism, and Cancer usually needs someone more emotionally validating to confide in to feel truly fulfilled. For this relationship to work, both would need to be committed to understanding each other long-term.

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Taurus and Leo

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Taurus, you initially feel an intense attraction to the outgoing, lively, and enthusiastic Leo because they contrast your more steady, headstrong nature. Leo, Taurus provides the perfect “captive audience” to your entertaining performances and their dry wit and cynicism makes you giggle. Both make powerful soulmates to each other because of the intense spark between them and an innate feeling that they complement one another and are destined to be together. However, both Taurus and Leo are too flirty for their own good, which makes trust and reliability a cause for concern in this partnership. Yet Taurus is still more serious about commitment while Leo is selective about who they give their loyalty to (when they’re all in, however, they’re all in). This relationship can become toxic if distrust overshadows the initial romance between the two.

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