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3 Movie Recommendations For This Weekend, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries is extremely physical. This makes action films the perfect choice for them, especially if they feature characters that are sultry and very powerful.

Atomic Blonde: Set during the Cold War, a secret intelligence agent must investigate the death of a fellow agent in Berlin. Agent Lorraine Broughton is sensual and strong, something an Aries can definitely relate to.

Wonder Woman: An Amazon warrior discovers her true powers in the middle of the battlefield. She would certainly make Aries (the God of War) very proud.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: An explorer challenges the forces of powerful villains and ancient artifacts. Lara Croft is fiercely independent and dangerous, with all the fire of an Aries.

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Taurus is full of food and love. And they know how one often leads to the other. Here are some very Taurian tales.

The Ramen Girl: An American woman in Tokyo is trained by a Japanese chef in the art of Ramen making. She adds her own personal twist to the traditional dish and forms a great example of the perfect career path for Taurians

Eat, Pray, Love: A divorced woman discovers herself in the various delicious dishes from her world travels. She speaks about food in an adoring manner that only a Taurus can truly understand.

Ramen Shop: A Japanese chef travels to Singapore where he is surprised to learn so much about his family roots. Discovering himself and his history through food, just as Taurus would.

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Here are a few films to mirror Gemini’s dual personalities. Inside of them lie opposite opinions and emotions, with each being strong and authentic.

The Three Faces of Eve: A housewife suffering from headaches learns the mysterious cause of her blackouts. In the middle of these blackouts, another personality takes over. One that is wild and flirtatious. Just like all Gemini learn, both personalities must be balanced, or either will lead to trouble.

Being John Malkovich: A movie star has a portal inside of his head that leads to an odd assortment of characters. If you were to open a Gemini’s head, you’d find the same thing.

Fight Club: An average office worker battling insomnia meets his antithesis. Together they will either change the world or destroy it. All Geminis hold this power.

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Cancer is the “Mother Zodiac.”However, that doesn’t mean they fit a certain mold of perfect parenthood. This ultra-emotional sign also needs films that make them laugh and definitely cry (because they will).

Grey Gardens: This mother and daughter-duo have nothing but each other in the crumbling mansion they share. Their strong bond holds them together, even while both are stuck in decay. This big love, even within hopelessness, perfectly represents Cancer.

Kill Bill Vol.1 & 2: A warrior seeks vengeance on the group of assassins who tried to kill her before stealing her child. She has that Cancer energy, relentlessly determined to protect her child.

The Pursuit of Happyness: A single father and salesman struggles to make a career for himself and a life for his son. The way he cares for his child, even while sleeping in public restrooms, radiates Cancer energy.

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Fame, fortune, and style are all things that shine to catch Leo’s eye. These biopics about celebrities and fame tell stories that are suitably extravagant and glamorous.

Gia: Gia falls into addiction and illness on her way to becoming a world-famous model. This true story perfectly shows the pitfalls of Leo’s desires.

La Vie En Rose: This film shares the tragic and beautiful life of Édith Piaf, a famous French singer. Nicknamed “The Little Sparrow,” Édith knew how to cover her sadness with sparkle, much like Leo.

The Wolf of Wall Street:  A wealthy stockbroker lives an extravagant and glamorous yet corrupt life. The perfect warning to Leo’s who typically reach as far as their ruler the sun.

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Virgo’s are the astrological “helper” to those around them, while often neglecting themselves. This makes “self-help” movies perfect for them. These films are sure to motivate you as well as a Virgo would.

Bruce Almighty: Dissatisfied with his life of seemingly unanswered prayers, Bruce takes on the role of God himself. Ultimately, he learns that in his times of need, he should help others. Something Virgos are naturally inclined to do.

The Devil Wears Prada: Andy struggles to meet demands in her new job as assistant to the editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine. Like a true Virgo, she rises to the occasion.

Yes Man! A Man who usually has tight control over his life learns to say “yes” to everything. This is a challenge perfectly suited for a Virgo, who may have trouble releasing control.

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To be a Libra is to seek justice, making courtroom films perfect for them.

Philadelphia: A homophobic lawyer must defend a man with HIV in a wrongful termination lawsuit. These impactful courtroom scenes will leave a Libra cheering and sobbing.

The Devil’s Advocate: Upon joining a new firm, a lawyer realizes he is working with Satan himself. This film moves past worldly justice and into the spiritual realm, within the balance of darkness and light. A Libra will feel invigorated by the film’s other-worldly debates.

Legally Blonde:A heartbroken yet fashionable sorority woman gets accepted to Harvard Law School. Legally Blonde is the ultimate “Libra Film” is it balances style and aesthetics with intelligence and justice.

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Nothing thrills a Scorpio quite like darkness, mystery, and secret knowledge. This makes occult films perfect for them.

Eyes Wide Shut: A doctor and his wife go to a party that gets progressively stranger and more sinister. This film will satisfy Scoprio’s thirst for the bizarre.

The Alchemist Cookbook: A delusional hermit tries to solve an ancient mystery. Honestly, this sounds like a fun night for a Scorpio.

Starry Eyes: A Hollywood hopeful must participate in a ritual to join their elite group and fulfill her dreams of becoming an actress. Scorpios will love this twisted tale, and may even be familiar with its origins.

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Sagittarius has a love for travel that is less of a desire and more of a need. Adventure feeds their soul. Here are a few films for extra nourishment.

Baraka: Without a narrative, this film offers beautiful shots of different countries and religions. Basically, everything that makes up our planet. What more could a Sagittarius ask for?

A Map For Saturday: This documentary is about different hidden pockets of the world and the people who explore them. Doubtlessly, many Sagittarius’s have found themselves in similar situations.

The Salt of The Earth: The 40-year career of photographer Sebastião Salgado is shown in beautiful captures of hidden corners of the earth. As well as the civilizations that lie within them. This is not only a beautiful film for a Sagittarius to watch, but also a great career path.

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Capricorns are notorious workaholics. Here are a few films for them to remember the perils of the road to perfection and career growth.

Life Or Something Like It: A reporter fears that her life has no meaning outside of work. A fear that is typical for a Capricorn at some point in their life.

Black Swan: A ballet dancer trades her sanity for perfection as she trains for a career-defining role. This is a dangerous trade that many Capricorns make.

Birdman: An actor revives his career by losing himself in his new role. Eventually, he gets so lost in the part that he struggles to return to himself. A struggle most Capricorns know all too well.

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Altruistic and unique, Aquarians are never afraid to share their strangeness with the world. Especially where it can make an impact. Here is a list of weird films that are as quirky as an Aquarius.

Chi-Raq: The realities of living in gang territory in Chicago are told through “Lysistrata,” an ancient Greek play by Aristophanes. This film is meant to create change through its unique structure, therefore sharing a goal with all Aquarians.

Greener Grass: This film tries to make sense of the undercurrent in Suburbia in the only way possible: through surrealism and strangeness. Two elements that Aquarians possess in abundance.

Strawberry Mansion: In a future where dreams are taxed, an auditor gets lost in the mental landscape of an old eccentric woman. This is perhaps a peak into the future for all Aquarians.

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Pisces possesses great wisdom that sometimes comes with tragedy. Mostly, they are true romantics who love feeling and witnessing love. Here is a list of tragic love stories for the Pisces soul.

A Night At Maud’s: A man questions his Catholic ideation after a one-night stand. Weighing the importance of religion versus love is a heavy topic, especially for Pisces.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: Heartbroken, a couple undergoes a dangerous medical procedure to rid their memory of each other. This film weighs the importance of love, even after it’s lost. This may be a valuable reminder to a Pisces.

Blue is the Warmest Color: Two friends fall in love in a world where even their friends reject them because of their sexuality. The film is full of beautiful lines and moments that will warm a big Pisces heart.

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