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The 3 most intimidating women, according to the zodiac sign

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Some people are friendlier than others – and some are really intimidating. You may think that you cut yourself off as a person who is easy to address. This could be exactly the opposite.

There are all types of women in the zodiac. Some of them are welcoming and open, while others are cold and distant. It just depends on what character you are and how dominant your characteristics are. There are actually 3 characters that stand out from the others when it comes to being intimidating.

Everyone is intimidating in different ways, and some may not be as intimidating to others. Below you will find out what makes these 3 characters intimidating for most others.


The Scorpio woman is stronger than most other people. It is very sarcastic, but also quite sensual. People are usually not sure how to speak to her, and this woman appears unapproachable for many different reasons. The Scorpio woman is also someone who gets angry very quickly and runs out of her skin. In such moments, other people who are close by should rather quickly look for distance. 

If someone doesn’t know you very well, it’s very likely that your intensity, your need for honesty, and your passion will intimidate you, dear Scorpio. If you become jealous or believe that someone is trying to take something away from you, for example, you react very strongly. You are not one who simply steps aside and accepts everything just like that. You focus on revenge and nothing can stop you.

A scorpion woman exudes natural physical intimidation that others can feel. This woman is someone who is second to none. She often wins when it comes to mental strength and she is extremely assertive. Scorpio women are also quickly angry and have a violent temper that could surprise others greatly. The Scorpio woman should try to control her anger better so that she can relax a little and other people are less afraid of her.

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Can you imagine how someone who is inarticulate might feel intimidated by you? You don’t understand why? Quite simply – because you are gifted with words, you can show how intelligent, funny, and special you are in your communication. Then there is the fact that you feel very comfortable and confident in social situations. You know how to throw a party like no other, and if someone doesn’t want the same level of conviviality, it can be very intimidating. You are simply a perfect speaker who can keep calm even before thousands of people and who looks cool. 

A twin woman is also intimidating because no one knows what to expect from her. People never get to know her the way she really is. It is not easy to read and, above all, it takes getting used to. It is not someone who can be described in a few words because it is simply more complex than other people. Twins are good at surprising people and are therefore intimidating personalities. You never know what you get from a twin or what a twin wants. All of this makes a twin woman so opaque that many people prefer to move away from her. If you want to give others a more relaxed feeling, you should hold back a little now and then and let others have their say.

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A ram woman also seems difficult to see through. People never know what an Aries woman will do or say, and that can be very intimidating. Ram women don’t hold back when it comes to saying their opinion, and they never wait for the perfect moment to do so. Ram women don’t want to be mean, but sometimes they can be brutal with their insensitivity. They think that because they can handle everything that others hand out, everyone is like that, but that’s not all. If someone is not good at dealing with the ram woman’s honesty, he should try to avoid it.

The Aries woman is someone who intimidates people because she acts surprisingly. She does things in her spare time and will not ask others for help. Because she is so motivated and mostly busy, people often have no idea how to approach her.

Aries is also a zodiac sign with an intimidating quality that often persuades and captivates people.   It is not waiting for people to act and for the perfect plan to be implemented. She is proactive and aggressive and pursues her goal to the bitter end. She usually gets what she wants effortlessly. People around them are often intimidated by their thinking and prefer to take a step back rather than approach them. An Aries woman should try to be more open and give others more insight into what she thinks.

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