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3 Fatal Relationship Tendencies Of Aries, Leo, And Sagittarius

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Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are the fire signs of Zodiac. Sharing an elemental nature leads them to unified expressions of intense creativity, passion, enthusiasm, and liveliness. Although fire signs can make tremendously capable and willing partners, they share similar tendencies when it comes to how cherished relationships often fatally end. If you have strong fire elements in your chart, take note of where any potential tendencies or reoccurring patterns lay. If you’re in partnership with one, be mindful of how patterns might show up and channel your native gift of compassionate self-awareness.

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1. Going all in without thinking it through.

Fire signs have a tendency to go all in, headfirst. While this energy is a useful way to ignite the spark of a new connection, Aries, Leo, and Saittarius may find themselves making relationship commitments or setting expectations prior to thinking them through or feeling the embodiment of what this expression really means. This might look like: overcommitting past what they’re truly available for, going through relationship stages unnaturally fast, or leading someone on without realizing they’re doing so.

When a fire sign rides the tides of a new connection, their native gifts of enthusiasm, confidence, and passion shine through. For Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, this process is playful and exciting fun. Fire signs often don’t realize the impact this can have on existing or potential partners. They may be daydreaming, sharing as a form of self-expression, or attempting to gauge another’s interest in a potential or deepening connection. Although this energy is innocent and naive, over time, it can lead to deep pain and strain. Ultimately, fire signs cause pain unto themselves as they realize the significance this conundrum has had, potentially leading to the demise of a prioritized relationship.

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Fire signs, practice compassion with yourself. Keep the fire burning in your heart. Engage in frequent self-check-in. See where existing resources, desires, and feelings lay. Ask questions of your partner. Understand how your energy is being received. Ensure expression is in alignment with both practicality and passion. Communicate changes in status. Although there is great excitement contained within new and developing relationships, be mindful the only place they exist in is the present.

2. Challenges with patience and empathy.

Fire signs are gifted with having continual access to energy that lights up the world. In astrology, the Sun relates to ego and external expression. This energy translates into characteristics contained within the fire signs themselves. Fire signs are powerful in their ability to self-express and often have extroverted personalities leading them to well-developed egos. In many ways, this is something other signs can learn from — the ability to express and contain individuality by means of personal form. When in partnership, a well-developed ego may lead fire signs to struggle with communicating patience and empathy.

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Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, your desire for creation may lead partners to believing they aren’t taking their vulnerable expression seriously. This may lead partners to developing a narrative you aren’t listening to or respecting their process. In fact you are — you simply feel ready to move onto the next thing. In fact, you may desire leading them onto the next thing as a form of compassionate problem solving. This gap in understanding may lead to unintentional fights, hurt feelings, and potentially, the finale of relationship.

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, your strength of willpower is not shared by everyone, particularly slower moving earth signs and more sensitive water ones. When your partner expresses a vulnerability, turn down the dial. Then turn it down another 20% past where you feel comfortable allowing it to go. You want to be deeper, softer and embodied than you think you need to. In learning to soften physical boundaries, you create a sense of safety for your partner to show up and not only know you’re there, but feel deeply seen in your presence.

3. Burning bridges in conflict.

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On one hand, fearless and confident leaders, fire signs are also deeply alive in the intensity of their heart. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius’ powerful expression and ability to maintain personal boundaries may make it seem like they always have it all together. Rest assured, fire signs appreciate deep partnership and intimacy as much as anyone else. This means they also fear losing it, and experience grief, isolation, and vulnerability from time to time.

When in conflict with a fire sign, they may transmute the intensity of what they feel in a way neglecting to communicate the vulnerability behind it. It may appear that fire signs are fighting with fire rather than touching the softness of their heart. Fire signs often aren’t aware of how this can lead to misunderstanding. The intensity they feel is natural, a form of vulnerability, and a byproduct of leaning into natural forms of self-expression.

Contrary to popular belief, fire signs often retreat to carry pain in isolation (likely, Leo or Sagittarius) or hide vulnerability in fear of being seen as less than the ideal leader (we’re looking at you, Aries). Conflict doesn’t have to lead to the demise of a relationship, and often can enhance connection when the resolution process is reached. Regardless of outcome and whether the choice to continue the relationship is chosen, engaging in vulnerable expression is a skill serving all relationships and situations moving forward. Fire signs, keep your heart open. Appreciate your passionate intensity. Verbally communicate how you feel while creating space between life’s temporary fluctuations and the loving presence of your powerful ego.

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