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3 Birth Months Who Mistake Almosts For Soulmates

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It’s not always easy to tell when someone is a perfect match for you. Sometimes, your feelings for someone can cloud your judgment. Sometimes, it can cause you to settle for way less than you deserve. Here are the birth months who are the most likely to mistake almost relationships for true love:


If you were born in March, you take others at their word. When they make you a promise, you believe them. When they tell you a story, you assume it’s the truth. You are as honest as they come, and you assume that everyone else behaves in the same way. Since you are so trusting, it’s unfortunately common for you to fall for people who don’t have the best intentions. People who are lying to you about what they want from you and only say what you want to hear in order to take advantage of you. There’s a good chance you could mistake an almost for your true love because you give other people way more credit than they deserve. You assume they have the same type of heart as you do, and that everything they say is accurate, when they could be lying through their teeth and tricking you. Although it’s shocking to learn someone you trusted wasn’t being completely honest with you, remember that they are the ones at fault here. Not you. It’s beautiful that you care so deeply, that you trust so openly.

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If you were born in July, you get highly attached to the people who win you over. Even once you start spotting the red flags, you have a tendency to ignore them, or to make excuses in order to minimize their importance. After all, you don’t want to walk away from this person, so you will convince yourself that they aren’t so bad. You will give them the benefit of the doubt, and give them chance after chance, long after they deserve it. Since you are such a romantic, there’s a good chance you could mistake an almost for true love because you’re seeing what you want to see. You’re hoping that this could be real because you desperately want it to be real. But you will find the right person eventually. You won’t keep getting fooled forever.

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If you were born in October, you are always on the lookout for love. Even though you might have been hurt in the past, that doesn’t stop you from falling hard again and again. You are never going to give up on finding your person. After all, you are a romantic. You are eager to find your soulmate, which is why you usually end up convincing yourself that every person you meet is your soulmate. Instead of focusing on the ways you’re incompatible, you focus on the potential in your partners instead. This is why it’s common for you to end up thinking that your almost is your true love. Even if you can see their flaws, you have hope that they will change and grow into the one that you deserve.

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