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22 Concrete Signs You Have A Soul Sister

1. “God made us friends because he knew our moms couldn’t handle us as sisters” is a quote you know, but won’t say because you refuse to be that person, no matter how applicable it is to the person in question.

2. But you actually do call them family. Or lie about being sisters on occasion always.

3. No topic is off limits, no boundary has gone uncrossed, no top un-borrowed and no ex un scathed by the duality of your fierceness when one is hurting.

4. When people talk to them and request confidentiality they understand that you’re the exception to that rule.

5. They come up really frequently in conversation with your other friends, “oh my god yes she and I did that one time!”

6. Whilst shopping you see things that the other person would like and yell over to them to come look more frequently than you actually find things for yourself.

7. They probably have their own text tone on your phone so you can NEVER. IGNORE. THEM.

8. You guys understand that “soul sister” is just basically best friendship but to just say “friend” is so basic compared to your beautiful obsessive perfect relationship.

9. Your favorite nights are staying in with each other and drinking. Together.

10. You adopt their shit list as your own, and vice versa.

11. You’re the most dangerously perfect pairing when out and about because you feed off each other and just spiral into madness about an hour into any party or evening at the bar.

12. You literally knew you were going to be best friends as soon as you met. You still don’t know how or why.

13. The things you laugh about would make sense to absolutely nobody else. It’s usually some medley of making fun of each other or laughing at hypothetical situations you make up in your heads.

14. They actually do those cheesy rom com things like bring you wine and ice cream when you’re miserable. I order my people pizza.

15. You spend most of your time laughing about what messes you are.

16. Occasionally you get sentimental and tell them how you’d be alone/miserable/dead without them. Probably not often enough.

17. They start getting invited to your family functions.

18. Your parents ask about them when you call.

19. It doesn’t matter how cliche it is, you actually do reference your wedding speeches for each other or how your kids will grow up together in one of every three conversations you have.

20. You don’t wonder about your weekend plans anymore, they’re always just doing something or other with that person.

21. No matter how much time has passes, when you meet up it’s all still there, and you’re just as weird and hilarious as ever before.

22. They always understand you, even before you tell them what’s wrong. You start to develop this telepathic understanding of each other, and that’s what makes you inseparable.

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