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2023: Zodiac Signs That Enjoy Being Single Vs. Those That Always Need To Be In A Relationship

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Zodiac Signs That Enjoy Being Single


Scorpios prefer being with someone who they can relate to, but if that’s not in the cards for them at any moment in time, they are content mysteriously dancing through life alone. Scorpios enjoy exploring their own thoughts, and spending time in their own minds — they are the most internal sign when it comes to the zodiac. However, if someone does pique their interest, they enjoy trying to understand their partner, and showing up in the relationship as the best possible version of themselves. Despite all of that, if they feel that their privacy is being compromised or that the relationship is insincere, they have no issue prioritizing their own needs and going solo.

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Virgos value their independence and relish their alone time. They are highly responsible and organized, which often manifests into an almost obsessive, strong work ethic. While they may participate in social activities occasionally, they prioritize their personal time over anything else. Due to their preference for solitude and their exponentially high standards, it can be challenging for Virgos to form romantic relationships and they may prefer to remain single rather than risk disappointment in a partner that can never live up to the potential they have imagined in their own minds.

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Cancers are content with both being single and being in a partnership. They are known for being nurturing and they enjoy hosting social events and taking care of others. However, Cancers also value their alone time and enjoy spending time at home, where they feel the most safe and secure. They can be sensitive and may retreat into their shell when hurt. Cancers need a partner who can understand and support their feelings, but those connections don’t come forward as often as one might think. This sensitivity can therefore make a Cancerian cautious about forming relationships, and they may choose to remain single in order to avoid potential hurt.

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Pisces often find fulfillment in relationships, but for self-protection, they may prefer to be single. Pisces are deeply emotional and have a strong creative and imaginative nature. As homebodies, they are comfortable spending time alone in their own dreamlike world, but because they are also known to be hopeless romantics — they crave attention at times. However, once they have received enough validation from the outside world, they often choose to retreat into their solitude, making them flakey partners that tend to prioritize singledom.

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Sagittarians are known for having a headstrong and independent nature. They quickly decide if they like someone and can be dedicated in a relationship, but they also value adventure and inspire excitement in their lives. If in a relationship, they may want their partner to join them on their escapades, and they often seek out those who match their energy and thirst for life. If a partner falls short of that, a Sagittarius has no issue choosing to pursue their own thrills elsewhere, and they will almost always choose the thrill of the chase over a “boring” life with someone who cannot meet them where they are.

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To put it lightly — Aries tend to fall in love quickly, but they are also known to lose interest just as quickly. Because of this tendency, they may be better off single. With an Aries, they are driven and constantly changing until they find the person with whom they want to settle down into a long-term connection with. However, they are in no rush, and until they find the person that meets all of their requirements, and honors their independence — they are happy to simply just focus on themselves.

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Zodiac Signs That Always Need To Be In A Relationship


As one of the most social signs, Gemini thrives on companionship and may feel lonely when they are left in their solitude. Even with a large circle of friends, a romantic partner can offer a level of attention and connection that friends cannot, and this is something that the Twins crave. It doesn’t take much to ignite a sense of melancholy and loneliness in a Gemini, and they tend to go in the direction of commitment because being in a relationship means that they will always have someone readily available to talk to. While being single may not be their preferred choice, if they do have a strong social network or frequently date — they may be able to handle it and still find joy.

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Leos enjoy being in a relationship because they crave attention and compliments — they are always seeking to be in the spotlight. Leos look for validation and acknowledgement from others to feel like they are shining brightly and to stroke their egos. Therefore, the Lion typically always has a large social circle and a partner by their side who appreciates them for both their looks and personality. They dislike being single as it means that they will have less attention given to them, and often stay with partners in order to feel worthy.

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Libras are social creatures and thrive on human interaction. While they have no issue enjoying their alone time, prolonged isolation can lead to depression. When single, they often seek out social gatherings and make many friends or look for potential romantic partners — they are always looking to turn their charm on and validate their attractiveness. Ultimately, Libras crave the adoration and affection that can only be found in a committed relationship, and they go to great lengths to solidify deep connections in their life as a means of keeping that affection around.

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Capricorns tend to be melancholic and enjoy solitude at times. They may alternate between wanting social interaction and enjoying time alone, often getting lost in their work. However, despite their impressive ability to be alone, they still crave closeness and companionship to avoid feeling the weight of their loneliness. Therefore, being in a relationship is important for the Goat, as having a supportive partner, particularly one who understands their work ethic and goals, can help them on their journey to dominate whatever objectives they are obsessing over without losing themselves to melancholy.

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Aquarius will always value being in a relationship over being single, as they enjoy sharing their vast knowledge and ideas with those they choose to spend their lives with. They balance their need for alone time with a desire for socializing, volunteer work and improving the person they are with. Aquarius is also highly self-assured, which can sometimes be perceived as intimidating — this is why a lot of people assume they enjoy being single. However, they actually prefer the special connection and bond that is shared with someone who inspires their mind, as they are known for being the kind of sign that longs for someone to step into their world and understand them on a deeper level.

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Taurus relies on the presence of others to feel connected and at peace in their life, and therefore feel lonely if they are single for too long. While they are goal-oriented and driven — being in a relationship provides them with someone who listens to them and offers companionship that goes beyond friendship. The Bull is stubborn and capable of being alone, but if they had it their way they would be deeply bonded to someone who brings both beauty and security to their world.

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