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2 Zodiacs Who Need Lots Of Alone Time This November

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Spending time alone is crucial. It allows you to rest, recharge, and reconnect with yourself. With the energy of Venus in Libra, some zodiac signs are feeling called to a more intimate, peaceful environment alone at home:

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You’re a homebody and an advocate for rest and relaxation, and so you want your personal space to be comfortable and quiet. Since you are ruled by Venus, you’re feeling this transit’s energy and it’s urging you to spend time alone, but you’re not mad about it. With the energy of Mercury in Sagittarius, you’re feeling called to focus on your health and get back in control of yourself and your surroundings.

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We are in your season now, and with that and the energy of the New Moon in your sign too, you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and exhausted. You’ve been doing the introspection and emotional work and now you just need to relax. There’s no need to have anyone else occupy your space, especially when you’re feeling extra vulnerable.

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