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2 Zodiacs Who Make The Most Powerful Witches

Are you a powerful, magical witch with the energy to change the world and manifest? Here are two signs that naturally make the most powerful witches.


This one is a no-brainer. Scorpio, you’ve already mastered the art of witchy energy. If anyone is the embodiment and carrier of such a powerful energy, it’s you. You evoke transformation in others just through your presence alone as you do not require their validation and approval. You put yourself on the pedestal and you don’t bow down to anyone, no matter who they are. Whatever power and authority they think they have in the material realm, you know better. You work with a deep magic within you – you’re an untouchable sorceress. If anything, people bend the knee for you because of your natural self-confidence. You know how to harness your anger and wield it to get your desires in a constructive way. You are magnetic in your sexuality and have a sense of royalty surrounding your aura. You’re deeply in touch with the cycles of rebirth and transformation. You’ve gone to the dark side and come out of the underworld more rejuvenated than ever.


This one is surprising. Sagittarius seems like such a playful, joyful sign – on the outside, there’s nothing remotely intense brewing underneath their cheerful smiles. But Sagittarius, anyone who truly knows you understands that your connection with your sacred anger and your ability to make gold out of ashes is beyond impressive – and even a bit terrifying. You have the ability to burn down anything negative and heal people with just your words alone. You’re quite the powerful witch and anything you send your energy to is instantly transformed – good or bad. You’re quite okay with “being the villain in the true villain’s story” and becoming the karma for someone who really deserves it. Yet you’re also a natural healer and luck bearer. Being ruled by Jupiter, you are one of the luckiest signs of the Zodiac and know exactly how to transform adversity into powerful manifestations with ease, baffling outsiders who are not as connected to their divine power. With one swift movement of your bow and arrow, your powerful impact on the world is akin to lightning and thunder – and you’re always willing to bring a storm and stand up to the bullies that easily stand down when met with your formidable presence. As a bold fire sign and an intellectual philosopher, you’re more than willing to burn down old destructive patterns and speak your truth so bluntly and decisively that it sets the world on fire.

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