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2 Zodiacs Who Have The Best Revenge Glow Up After A Breakup

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After a breakup, the inevitable always happens: the glow-up. There are some zodiac signs who look at this as a challenge to better themselves for themselves, or to make their ex miss them. These two signs have the best revenge glow up after a breakup:


This fire sign is all about how they are perceived by others. If they are going through a breakup, they will make sure they’re winning it — and that their ex sees that they are. They will change their hair, buy some new outfits, go to the gym more, and post about their adventures on Instagram. Their glow-up isn’t necessarily for them — it’s to make their ex miss them and feel bad about losing them. Even so, Leo still has incredible confidence and charm that attracts people into their lives–and these people are the ones that make Leo forget their ex for good.

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If there is one thing about Capricorn it’s that they don’t make love and relationships a priority in their life. They value their career, stability, and becoming successful. So if they are going through a breakup, they will put all their focus and energy into bettering themselves from the inside out, so that they can become successful as the best version of themselves. They will work out regularly, go to therapy, and take up a new hobby. Overall, they look at a revenge glow-up as a reminder that they’re awesome and don’t need that person in their life in order to be happy.

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