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2 Zodiac Signs That Always Leave The Kitchen Cabinets Open

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If you prefer harmony and organization over chaos and uncertainty, you probably close every drawer and door in your kitchen once you finish even a small task such as making yourself a cup of coffee. It seems like the nice and reasonable thing to do.

Plus, it just looks neater when all the doors and drawers are snugly closed, right? Since it’s both safer and neater to close all the kitchen cabinet doors, only some kind of careless psycho would leave them open…right?

I guess it depends on what kind of “psycho” you are. If you’re a neat freak who has an emotional meltdown when even one tiny thing is out of place, you probably have some kind of compulsive disorder. Then again, some therapists say that people who leave cabinet doors open all the time might suffer from an anxiety disorder in the sense that closed doors may feel suffocating to them.

But the habit can become dangerous if, say, you or a roommate wanders in the kitchen half-awake in total darkness with the munchies in the middle of the night and winds up with a head injury and painful bruises all up and down your legs after crashing into one unexpected wooden obstacle after the next.

Here are two zodiac signs who never shut their kitchen cabinets. Each of them has their own reasons for being this way, and you’re not going to change them, so if you live with them, you’d better get used to it. You’d probably be wise, though, to wear protective headgear and pads should you find yourself stumbling into the kitchen at 3AM foraging for food.

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1. Sagittarius

Let’s cut right to the quick here: You’re forgetful, lazy, and messy, and you’re perfectly happy being that way. But that’s not an insult, because there’s a method to your legendary sloppiness. It’s for a higher purpose. As one of the most curious and adventurous signs, your mind is in the clouds rather than in the cupboards. You’re too busy thinking and plotting your next move to worry about carefully tiptoeing around your house like it’s a museum. As the Archer, you’re too busy shooting arrows into the deep blue sky to pay much attention to how many fallen arrows are littering the hunting grounds. Your mind is elsewhere. If the cabinets and drawers are really that bothered by being left open, why don’t they just shut up and shut themselves?

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2. Aquarius

You are the zodiac’s grand multitasker, the laser-focused polar opposite of Sloppy Sagittarius. With your hyperactive mind, you have to calculate where you can cut corners and save time. If you’re whipping together a complicated pasta dish with sauces, oils, spices, meatballs, sliced peppers, and grated cheese, you need access to an array of bowls and spoons and knives and measuring cups that will have your arms flailing like an octopus. Having to constantly open and close the cabinets and drawers is an unnecessary waste of effort and time. Who’s the “genius” who invented cabinet doors, anyway? You’re going to open it again anyway, right? It’s sort of like making the bed—you’re just going to crawl under the sheets again. Who makes these rules?

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