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2/24/24: These Zodiac Signs Will Be Most Impacted By Upcoming Virgo Full Moon

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On February 24, luminous moonlight sheds onto the practical matters of our life. A beautiful Virgo full moon illuminates our night sky. Shining amongst the twinkling stars, the luminary will call our attention to once seemingly mundane details. Overlooked matters pop up. In order to achieve happiness and growth, it’s time to shed false distractions

Being productive is very different from keeping busy. In a world that seems to run twenty-four-seven, we feel as if we can never catch up. If we constantly feel behind, we cement a belief in ourselves that we are never adequate enough. If we strive for perfection, we miss humble opportunities that could fulfill us here and now.

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This Virgo full moon calls us all to be present and find contentment within our current moment. As we serve others, we remember that if another is worthy of help, even if they are flawed, so are we. As we accept that our life and ourselves are always a work in progress, our daily life becomes lighter. May we reclaim what our time and energy goes to.


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Taurus is known for their stubborn, fixed nature. When they long for something, their tunnel vision takes over until they can find themselves snapping back to reality once across the finish line. This Virgo full moon, Taurus will be challenged to release what hinders their happiness. Their sexuality, pleasure, children, creativity, talents, or hobbies may become a topic of reevaluation.

However, the desire to romance will be most prominent. These lovers cannot deny who or what they truly yearn for. Their steadfast loyalty in love is an asset to the right partner or relationship dynamics. They refuse to give up on someone once they fall head over heels. However, this desire to cling can be self-sabotaging when resistant to necessary, healthy change. In order to connect deeper with lovers or to find a good match, they must let go of their intense grip on outdated energy.


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A full moon in their sign shakes up Virgo’s world. As much as autopilot is helpful for a while, it’s time to take deliberate action. Maintaining their everyday life is no longer going to satisfy their growth. Release calls their soul. As this lunation sparks life, their path feels more promising, expansive, and emotionally healing.

In order to nurture this newborn spark of hope, Virgo must let go of shame, guilt, or self-defeat. How can they make space for their needs? By saying goodbye to what they may not want to. The Virgo urge to support others turns inward. How can they help themselves?


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Sometimes, it feels like the Universe pushes us off a cliff in the midst of unexpected change. As we freefall into the unknown that awaits us below, we often freeze or resist in fear. The Universe will ask Capricorn to leave their comfort zone this Virgo full moon. The choices are to jump willingly or be pushed.

Capricorn will land back on their feet, grateful to leave false security behind. Limiting beliefs fly away. New ideas, beliefs, or spiritual epiphanies expand their vision. Wisdom is far more impressive through lived experience. Preaching beliefs only makes so much impact. For the mature Capricorn, the full moon teaches to practice what they preach. It is one thing to say it or encourage others to do it. Its another when you lead by example

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