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12 things a man will do for his woman when he really loves her

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does he really love me

When in doubt, ask yourself, “Am I happy in this relationship?”

If the answer is yes, your relationship has a bright future.

Without wanting to fall into clichés, the truth is that men don’t always express their feelings. Often it is because of the upbringing they received that taught them to be “strong”. As such, they choose to remain silent because they feel vulnerable in a relationship, even if it’s a healthy and happy one, or they choose to remain silent because they simply don’t have the same need that women have to verbally express their love frequently affirm.

But since actions speak louder than words, there are little things they do (or don’t do) that can tell us if they love or just like a woman. So today we’re going to tell you the 12 things most men do when they’re in love.

1. Asks the loved one questions about their day, how it was, and if they need anything

When a man asks you a question like that, it’s because he really wants to know the answer. If he asks for the answer, it’s because he cares about you and wants to be a part of your day. He doesn’t ask to be polite or to flatter you.

2. He’s your biggest fan

He really believes in you. Whatever challenge you face, he believes in your abilities and isn’t afraid to share that feeling with the world. Be it a work meeting, an important exam, a sporting competition… he genuinely cheers you on.

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3. He surprises you with dinner and a good wine after a hard day

Of course he won’t do that every day! But there are behaviors you should adopt to make a relationship work better, and cooking a meal for someone on a day you know has been difficult is one of them. It means we want to pamper them, we want to see them better and happier. In addition, we are willing to go the extra mile to bring more happiness to our nest. What dinner is at the end of a working day is breakfast at the beginning of a hard day.

4. Protects you

We know that we live in a modern society where gender equality should prevail, free from prejudice. But when a man protects a woman, it’s out of affection, out of love. Whether physically or emotionally.

5. He says he loves you without verbalizing it and keeps touching you

How many times have you seen him smile at you without saying anything? This is how he tells you that he loves you, but without words. When a man loves, he admires. He can hardly go without touching for any length of time, whether it’s kissing you goodnight, offering to hug you when you’re lying on the sofa, holding your hand when you’re out for a walk, or at night after near you.

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6. He needs and values ​​your opinion

When a man loves a woman, he values ​​her opinion the most and makes a point of listening to her. No matter whether it is about deeper questions or just choosing the color of the walls in your apartment. This is why you feel like he is really listening to you because he is paying attention to you even when he is talking to you about trivial things.

7. He takes you to the ballet without complaining

Ballet here becomes synonymous with all the things that men do with women that they don’t like doing that much. It can be shopping, going to a dance show, or just having dinner with friends… If he does that and is always attentive and smiling when his loved one’s club is playing, then it’s eternal love.

8. He is attentive and remembers details

He knows that you love Coke Zero with just lemon and no ice, that your favorite candy is rice pudding and that you are lactose intolerant. If he pays attention to you and pays attention to what you say, it means that he knows your tastes and preferences well because he cares about you.

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9. Living together (and everything that entails)

It’s so obvious. Nobody forced him to accept a life together with you, married or not! He is with you every day, sharing the costs, the wealth, the problems, overcoming the mistakes you make in the relationship and the frustrations of wanting to be a part of your life. Isn’t that what love is all about? The desire to be part of someone’s life.

10. He shows you that you are his priority

Does he have to walk a long way to pick you up from work? Good. Will he help you set up the table on the day of an important soccer game? He offers the help…. Because he loves you, you will always come first in his life.

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11. Gives his loved one space

Loving doesn’t mean that we want the other person all to ourselves. So he doesn’t dramatize and doesn’t see a problem if you do something without him, e.g. B. going out with your friends. Confident and mature enough to understand the importance of independence in a relationship, he knows that we all need some time away from our partner so we don’t feel overwhelmed in our lives together.

12. Missing each other

When one of them has to travel, they text or call to find out how the other is doing and to share how their day was. Even when you’re apart, he finds a way to keep in touch with you because he misses you.

Have you read on and come to the conclusion that your partner, boyfriend or husband is not doing most of the things above? Relax… Love isn’t a mathematical equation where 1 +1 is always 2. If he does these things, it means he loves you, but if he doesn’t do them, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. Also, you have to learn to ask for what you need.

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