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12 Pieces Of Advice For Anyone Struggling To Find Love

1. Stop searching for love in people who can’t figure out how to love themselves. Stop searching for external love. No one is equipped to love you quite like yourself.

2. Learn to love all parts of who you are. Start listening to yourself—no one can give you better advice. Learn to trust yourself. Set boundaries for yourself. Let love find you when you are ready.

3. Don’t build your life around loving somebody else. Don’t try to force love with somebody who isn’t willing to give you what you need. Nothing that is meant for you will require force.

4. Be selfish with your love. Not everybody will appreciate it, and not everybody is deserving of it. Trust your instincts more. Stop trying to see the good in those who consistently show you the bad.

5. Forget about the people you used to know; they’re not the same people anymore. They are strangers again, but that’s okay. People are allowed to come and go—it’s all to help you grow.

6. Every person you meet is meant to teach you something about yourself. You learn how to be strong and how to move along when faced with heartbreak.

7. Try not to blame yourself when people leave. Remember that nothing in life is guaranteed, so try to enjoy the moment.

8. Don’t trust nostalgia. Nothing was as perfect as nostalgia makes you believe. Memories can only taunt you if you cling to them.

9. The harder you try to hold onto somebody, the more likely they are to leave. Let go of the idea that anyone owes you anything—life will be less upsetting.

10. Count on yourself to be the only person who is there for you at the end of each day.

11. Make peace with yourself. Choose yourself to be the one who makes you happy and you’ll find genuine happiness. You can be happy. Just give it time.

12. Find a friend in yourself. Love and care about yourself like you would your best friend. You are all you need—anyone else in your life is a bonus.

12 Pieces Of Advice For Anyone Struggling To Find Love
12 Pieces Of Advice For Anyone Struggling To Find Love

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