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10 Tips To Summon The Perfect Soul Mate

Finding the right soul mate isn’t just about finding the perfect person who is attractive, fun, understanding, and willing to spend their life with you. Then what does it mean to summon a soul mate?

It is also about that you are ready, open, happy, able to give and receive love, and free from the restrictive patterns that everyone has that can prevent them from calling their soul mate and finding true happiness.

While you might be able to make the profound, personal changes necessary to break free of these limiting patterns and beliefs, most people find it very difficult and scary to make these changes.

It can be hard to work on what you don’t know, what you don’t even know about yourself.

Once you are used to it, have made significant changes and become your best self, here are some tips you can use to summon the perfect soul mate.

Not only will you now be calling your soul mate, but you will be well prepared to find love, joy, connection and happiness as you go through life with him.

How to call a soul mate

1. Work on yourself

When you are working on yourself, the soul mate usually shows up! You must be happy within yourself before you can be happy with others.

Ask yourself, “What things or points can you work on?” As you start defining this, work on it so you can grow and learn about it! This is the first step in being able to call your soul mate.

The easiest way to work on yourself is to ask yourself a few questions to find out what we really want in life.

Do you really know yourself? If you don’t know yourself, then how can you really know what you want in a relationship? Sit down and be honest with yourself:

– What do you want from a soul mate?
– What do you like about a relationship?
– What are your values ​​and ideas?
– What does the future look like that you want to create for yourself and with your partner?

When you know yourself, you will be better able to find a soul mate who is able to meet your needs.

2. Stop seeking your soul mate

You have to look inside yourself and not look for someone to make you happy.

Remember, it starts with you! When you are happy, you exude positive vibes and others will be drawn to you!

3. Write a letter to your soul mate

Write a letter with the title “To my soul mate” and list in bullet points all the things you would like from a soul mate.

This can be a growing list so you can add to your list as you grow!

Remember that this list should be the “values” of what you want in a soulmate.

These are things that are important, like wanting to be married, being communicative, being honest, etc.

4. Engage in activities that you love

Soul mates will enjoy many, but not all, of the activities that you love.

If you enjoy the activities you like and master, and if you meet someone in the process, your relationship will be successful.

Of course, when you do things that interest you and really enjoy yourself, you will find a person who will fit your lifestyle.

5. Ask Archangel Chamuel to call your soul mate

Archangel Chamuel can help you call your soul mate. Ask him or her that your soul mate comes before you so that you are “aware” of that person and notice that they are your soul mate.

6. Find perfection without a soul mate

If you are looking for someone to make you “complete” you are making a serious mistake.

It is important to complete yourself outside of a relationship. If you find the right person, they will complement and add to your life instead of the only source of your happiness.

7. Believe that there is a soul mate for you!

You must have faith and believe that there is a person who is meant for you!

Hold this positive vibration with the thought that soul mate is coming to meet you soon!

8. Don’t just look at looks, look deeper

Physical appearance disappears, and while it can be part of the overall package, it’s only a small part. Look deeper than physical appearance. Try to find someone who:

– is authentic
– sincere
– caring
– open to new ideas and activities and
– enjoys things that you enjoy

The right person is often someone who also speaks to you emotionally and intellectually.

9. Follow your own rhythm to find the right partner

Do you like a nice slow pace where you can enjoy all the intricacies of life or are you a person who is fast paced and rushing from one adventure to the next?

You should do what you want and how you like to do it in life, whether it is fast or slow.

When you find someone who fits your inner rhythm, you will naturally flow together and be happier as a result.

10. Enjoy your life to the fullest

Your life has a purpose and a purpose, and that purpose should be followed. Of course, when you live a life that is fulfilled and has a purpose, you will attract people who fit that purpose.

When you meet someone who enjoys the same activities as you or is on the same path, you will have a deeper connection with them, and in the process you may find your soul mate.

7 important things your soul mate can offer you

If you want to call your soul mate, then you are definitely asking yourself what qualities he should have. This is a tough question that is not easy to answer, but one thing is for sure, the answer depends on both you and your soul mate!

Here are the 5 things your soul mate can offer you:

1. You feel safe and protected

Regardless of your partner’s gender, you should always feel safe and secure with him or her.

That means, if you are a man, yes, then your wife should make you feel protected too!

Your soulmate will make you feel like you have a Guardian Angel by your side. A person who plays with your insecurities, consciously or unconsciously, is not your soulmate.

2. They look each other in the eye

Soulmates have a tendency to look each other in the eye more often than ordinary couples when they talk.

This, of course, comes from the deep connection that exists between them. Looking someone in the eye while they are speaking means that you are very comfortable and have confidence.

3. You both against the world

Soulmates often see their relationship as “Us versus the rest of the world”. They feel so connected that they are ready to take on any heroic deed in life as long as they have their soulmate by their side. Soulmate relationships are mostly based on compromise and solidarity.

4. You fall in love with his (or her) weaknesses

No relationship is perfect, and even soulmates will go up and down.

Even so, this bond will be much harder to break. Soulmates find it easier to accept each other’s imperfections and even learn to love them.

Your relationship is more likely to be soulmate if you both love each other exactly for who you are and accept both the great and terrible qualities we all have.

5. You just get along

Have you ever met two people who finish each other’s sentences? Some people call this spending too much time together, but I call it a soulmate.

You may experience this with your best friend or mother, but it is the tell-tale sign of a kinship when you experience it with your partner.

6. Reviews

If your partner is your soul mate, chances are he or she has been present in your past lives.

Soulmates often choose to get back together in the next life and explore the big world together.

You may suddenly and briefly experience memories of your soulmate.

You might even experience a strange sense of déjà vu, as if the moment had already happened in time, maybe a long time ago, maybe in a different setting.

7. You cannot imagine your life without him (or her)

A soulmate is not someone to be separated from that easily. It is someone you cannot imagine your life without, someone who you believe is worth holding on to and fighting for.

Whether you are destined by the universe to be soul mates or two loving people who have been content with each other’s strengths and weaknesses – the decision is up to you.

The beauty of free will is that you can stay in any relationship or change them as you see fit. Being with your soulmate is one of life’s most precious treasures.

And when you feel like you have found the other half of your heart, I wish you endless days of joy and laughter and countless nights of deep embraces as you unlock the secrets of the universe one by one.

10 Tips To Summon The Perfect Soul Mate
10 Tips To Summon The Perfect Soul Mate

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