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10 Things Men Are Afraid Of

No matter how brave they seem in different situations, you should know that men are afraid of many things, and some of these fears are very similar to those women have.

1. Lack of experience

Every man wants to be seen as a seducer.

Men even have the habit of lying about their previous relationships and the actual number of those relationships.

They are afraid of the same things as women.

Men always want to show off boldly in front of girls and to be popular in their eyes, just like girls, and they are afraid that they might do something wrong.

Since men need support and feedback too, so try to help him sometimes.

2. Jealousy

Men do not show their jealousy openly, but it slowly ruins their self-confidence.

For example, you can mention one of your male colleagues to your partner, and he will not show signs of fear or worry, but that does not mean he is not jealous.

It will worry him, and he will always compare himself with men in your environment.

Jealousy in men may not be as pronounced as in women, but it also violates their pride and self-confidence.

Men, no matter how much they believe, always have a dose of doubt. To prevent this, it is best that there is open communication.

3. Looks

Women have been taught to think from their childhood that their body needs to be ideal.

There are no such stereotypes about men, but that does not mean they do not care about their physical form or compare them to handsome men in journals.

For example: height—many men wonder if they are tall enough because a lot of girls think that te ideal man should be tall (or at least taller than her).

4. Money

Money is one of those things that usually cause a sleepless night for men.

Society standards dictate that men are responsible for family safety, and if they fail, it usually means they do not succeed as men.

Also, men see money as an obligation if they want to have a girlfriend. But love, care and attention should be much more important than money.

5. Fear of baldness

As much as this problem seemed to us as something not so important, a large number of men feel that losing their hair is like losing part of their manhood.

Although for women, male baldness is not a big deal, that doesn’t help men with this fear.

6. Rejection

Why do men not approach women as much as women want

Because they are afraid of rejection. It is hard for everyone to take that risk and in the end get a “no” for an answer.

7. Is he good in bed and masculine enough

Even though s_- is often on their minds, the really important question for them is: “What if I’m not good enough for her?”

Their fear will be greater if there have been problems in the past.

Also a man afraid that he is not loved enough will try twice as hard to leave a masculine impression.

For this very reason, some men exaggerate in “masculinity” and hide their feelings.

8. The number of partners with whom the girl was before him

If the girl had previously been with a larger number of men (that is, if she had more partners than the man), that may become complex for him.

This will affect the connection. In order to prevent further worries and fears, at the outset, things should be clarified and clear that the past is just the past.

9. Commitment

All men are subconsciously afraid of commitment.

It requires them to sacrifice their freedom, compromise and go against their nature.

Men who are afraid of building long-term relationships refuse to realize that marriage has a positive impact on their health, development and productivity.

10. Getting to know her parents and friends

Getting to know your parents is a big step in the relationship that largely determines its future.

The other problem is, of course, what if they don’t like him?

Many men are also afraid of female friends because they are aware that you are very close with them and that their opinions are important to you.

10 Things Men Are Afraid Of
10 Things Men Are Afraid Of

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