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10 Concrete Signs Your Current Relationship Won’t Last Past 2023

There’s always that hope that you’ve found the one. That you’ll grow old together, holding hands on the front porch while your grandkids play around you. It’s a sweet notion, but will it happen for you and your current partner? Or are you destined for a breakup soon? Check out this list of concrete signs that your relationship won’t last past the end of 2023. It might be time to make that breakup official so you can leave yourself open and ready to find your soulmate in 2024.

1. Things aren’t what they used to be.

When you think about the future with this partner, you envision living your lives together in the way you did in the beginning of the relationship. Your honeymoon period. The before times. Then when you look at how it is now, it’s not nearly as good. You might be holding on to a relationship ideal that no longer exists.

2. You don’t feel comfortable.

When you know deep down that something isn’t right, there’ll be this underlying anxiety that hides just under the surface. You can’t relax, you can’t quite be yourself. That’s your subconscious telling you something, babe.

3. Your needs aren’t being met.

You don’t get enough compassion, enough communication, enough romance. You don’t feel seen, you don’t feel supported, you aren’t being treated like a priority. When will you be ready to finally give up on this relationship that’s so doomed to fail?

4. Your partner has become unresponsive.

When communication dries up, that’s the death knell of a temporary relationship. This is your partner’s way of quiet-quitting the relationship. They’re emotionally shut down. In their minds, they’ve already started breaking up with you, and it’s just a matter of time before it’s official. You might want to beat them to it so you can move on sooner rather than later.

5. The relationship is imbalanced.

One of you is in love more than the other. One of you is doing all the work. Only one of you sees a real future together. If you aren’t on the same page, things will eventually deteriorate.

6. You’ve already broken up or asked for space at least once before.

That off again/on again relationship is doomed and destined for failure. The reasons why you broke up in the first place likely haven’t gone away. If they were a problem before, they’ll be a problem in the future.

7. You’ve been ignoring your deal-breakers.

There are thing you need in a relationship. So why are you ignoring all the red flags? Maybe you saw this as a fling, so your long-term deal-breakers didn’t matter. But now that you’ve fallen for this person, it definitely matters.

8. You’re unhappy more often than you’re not.

Sure, there are those amazing, shiny moments when everything feels right. But if they’re becoming fewer and farther between, instead replaced with fights and betrayal and apathy, this thing won’t last.

9. This doesn’t feel like your forever relationship.

Even if things seem good on paper, you know best of all of this is the right relationship for you. Does it feel like forever? If it doesn’t you might do better to end it now than postpone a heartbreak for later.

10. You don’t care anymore.

Maybe you’re the apathetic one. The one that’s just going through the motions. The one that wouldn’t be heartbroken if things ended. This relationship isn’t long for this world.

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