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10 Biggest Emotional Turnoffs For Gemini

Geminis have one of the worst reputations in the whole astrological realm for being difficult to deal with, so some people might be surprised that they would even be so bold as to find other people difficult to deal with. But hey, we’re all human, and even people who can be a general pain in the ass have a right to find that other people can be a pain in their ass. There are plenty of asses and plenty of pain in this world to go around.

When one hears the word “turnoff,” it usually conjures thoughts of physical attributes that someone finds unattractive, something that offends the five senses of taste, touch, sight, sound, and, above all, smell. Don’t even get me started about smelly people. Often, though, it’s unattractive behaviors—the things that turn you off emotionally—that can also turn you off sexually. But even if sex doesn’t even enter into the equation, there are some behaviors that can make you never want to be in the same room with, or even think about, that person ever again.

Here are Gemini’s 10 biggest emotional turnoffs.

1. Insincerity

Geminis are frightfully honest, sometimes at their own expense. For some reason known only to the spiritual forces that set the stars in motion so many millions of moons ago, Gemini’s birth chart gives them a tendency to value truth above all other things to the point where they see lying as almost a form of blasphemy against reality. Being sincere doesn’t mean people have to be unnecessarily cruel when they’re speaking candidly. But on the flip side, it also doesn’t mean they have to be phony and say what they either think is the proper thing to say or what someone would like to hear. Gemini’s motto might as well be “say what you mean.”

2. Flakiness

Building on the “say what you mean” principle, Geminis expect—despite countless unpleasant experiences to the contrary—that when someone says they’re going to call you back, they actually will call you back. The same applies to when someone says they’re going to pay you back. Geminis think, a little naively, that when someone promises they’re going to help you move into a new apartment, they won’t suddenly find an excuse not to help you on the day of the move. They especially find it grating that when they call a flake on their flaky behavior and all-around flakiness, the flake usually gets hyper-defensive and acts as if expecting someone to be dependable is unreasonable.

3. Snobbery

Geminis can’t stand those who look down at the less fortunate, the less attractive, and those who’ve had a harder life than the snob has. They are righteously disdainful toward those who sneer and mock at the humble souls who’ve endured indignities and traumas that would have waylaid the average snob. They don’t have much regard for those who think that merely because they were born into a privileged lifestyle, they somehow earned it. In the same vein, they are sickened by those who think that anyone who was born disadvantaged somehow deserved it.

4. Hypocrisy

On the most basic level, hypocrisy means not practicing what you preach. But it goes deeper than that—even the need to preach and to never shut up about what everyone else is doing wrong suggests that someone isn’t secure about what they’re doing. Think of the people in your life that you consider to be truly good and decent. Did you notice that they never need to advertise it? Hypocrisy isn’t that different from projection. It’s often found in militant people, such as the strident homophobe who turns out to be closeted or the ardent communist who is living on a lavish trust fund. As a character in Shakespeare’s Hamlet said, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

5. Greed

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be comfortable—unless it increases the discomfort of others. Geminis realize they live on a planet with limited resources, so they take as much as they need and think it’s rude and distasteful to take much more. They see greed as an insatiable desire to carve out and horde far more of the Earth for yourself than you really need, especially if it comes at the expense of others. No one needs 14 mansions when some people haven’t eaten in days. Sometimes people surround themselves with things of beauty and glittering status symbols to hide the fact that they are truly empty inside.

6. Shallowness

Gemini strongly dislikes those who judge the worth of others strictly on their looks, wealth, popularity, or what they can do for you. They get the douche chills when they encounter people who have no real emotional depth or dignity or ability to feel deep joy or pain, who are ruled by sensuality rather than more profound matters of the mind and heart. They strongly dislike those whose attention goes no further than skin-deep and wallet-thick. “Shallow” is a gender-neutral term, though, so in case you were wondering, the male version of a shallow and tacky person is a “douchebag,” while the female variant is known as a “basic bitch.”

7. Predatoriness

Yes, “predatoriness” is an awkward word, but there’s no other more-elegant and less-complicated noun in the English language that basically means “the quality of being predatory.” Geminis have a soft spot for the underdog, so they hold a special animus toward those who take advantage of someone’s goodness, weakness, generosity, and naivete. They hate bullies and exploiters and scammers and schemers and connivers and anyone who seeks to move up in the world by stepping on someone else’s throat.

8. Cruelty

This goes hand-in-hand with being turned off by predators. As one of the more naturally fair-minded signs, Geminis are disgusted by those who take pleasure in someone else’s suffering. The Germans have a word for it: Schadenfreude. It’s also known as “malicious joy” or just gloating. Geminis’ stomachs turn at those who laugh maniacally at videos where people experience physical or emotional pain through no fault of their own. And they are especially repulsed by those who inflict pain on animals, babies, the elderly, and those who have no ability to defend themselves.

9. Conformity

Although Geminis are one of the more outgoing and sociable zodiac signs, they are turned off by people who go with the crowd no matter where it takes them, even if it leads them off a cliff. They give a firm thumbs-down to people who have no backbone, no firm sense of self, and who let themselves be aimlessly carried along by the winds of change like a dry little leaf. They’re not very keen on people who are so starved for approval and have such an intense need to fit in—or make that blend in—that they will betray their true selves to please others, and that’s assuming they even have a true self.

10. Self-Pity

It’s bad enough when bad things happen to someone. It’s annoyingly and infuriatingly worse to compound a bad situation by adopting a “Why me?” attitude about it and thinking that the universe is out to get you. No one likes a crybaby unless the crybaby is actually an infant, at which point they get a pass. But when any adult spends ridiculous amounts of their precious time on this Earth saying, “Woe is me,” it’s just a bad look. Yuck. Turned off, lights out, case closed, game over.

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