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10 Behaviors A Man Adopts When He’s Really In Love With You

I know you’ve had doubts about your partner’s feelings before. And, this is normal!

All women go through this phase of questioning. Sometimes your man’s behavior is a bit strange so you wonder.

Other times you lack self-confidence so you wonder how a man could really love you.

However, there are some concrete signs that can help you determine if your partner is really in love with you.

As you already know, men and women show their love differently.

Women are more direct, in general. They are not afraid to talk about their feelings.

Men are more reserved. They prefer to show their love through tender gestures or more unspoken statements.

So you can be sure that if your man is ready to prove his love publicly, that means he is serious about your relationship.

He doesn’t play with you! Indeed, a man must show vulnerability in this kind of situation.

For him, expressing his feelings so clearly is far from easy.

And, there are a lot of other behaviors that you can take as proof of love.

Indeed, you don’t need to hear your man say “I love you” to know what he feels for you.

Here are the 10 behaviors that a man will adopt when he is really in love with you.


Clearly, men don’t like to be vulnerable. Never… Never! But, if your partner is in love with you, that’s another story.

Indeed, he will have no trouble showing his weaknesses or sensitive points because he will be afraid of losing you.

A man in love knows that he must do his part of the work within his marriage. And, talking about your emotions and showing your weak points is part of that.

He doesn’t want you to feel like he’s not being honest with you or refusing to open up.

So when he feels like crying, he will. When he wants to talk about his problems, he will talk about them.

And, when all is well, he will thank you for all the love you offer him. In short, he will be sincere!

2. You are his priority.

Even if he is very busy, even if he has a lot of work, a man in love will always find a way to make you his priority.

Today, with the development of technology, people seem more and more stressed.

When they are not working, they spend time on their screen and it becomes very easy to forget your other half.

But, a man in love knows that it is essential to establish a relationship of trust and reciprocity.

For him, the happiness of his partner is very important because he wants to see her happy and fulfilled.

3. He is proud of what you have accomplished.

When a man loves a woman, everything she does and all her successes are just as important to him as his.

Indeed, he is proud to have by his side a woman capable of achieving his goals and working hard.

He then feels honored to be part of your life because he feels that you are much better than him.

A man in love is not in competition with his partner. In reality, a man in love comes out the winner in any situation just because his partner is also successful.

Thus, he does not feel in danger and he is not jealous of the accomplishments of the woman he loves.

4. He makes sacrifices to make you happy.

This is the most obvious proof of his love. Indeed, if your man changes his plans just to please you, you can be sure that he loves you.

For example, if he cancels a party he really wanted to go to because he knows you’d be happy to go to your best friend’s show, he’s showing you that he respects you.

His love is reflected in his willingness to always put you first. Of course, his desires are important, but yours are even more so.

Maybe he lives by the adage, happy woman, happy life !

5. He listens to what you have to say.

If you think that men sometimes behave like children, you are not completely wrong!

This is because most men only focus on the things they are really passionate about.

But, a man in love behaves completely differently. Your voice is like sweet music to him.

And, all you have to say is something important and voila! It hangs from your lips.

A man in love will not only hear you but he will also pay attention to the words you say.

For example, you will notice that he follows your advice and respects your opinion and your ideas.

6. He fights for your love.

A man in love is ready for anything for the woman he loves. He will accept the blows and endure without flinching.

For you, he will move mountains just to have the opportunity to be with you.

Indeed, a man in love is aware of how lucky he is to have such an exceptional woman by his side, so he makes efforts to be with her.

He does not want to lose you so he is deeply involved in your relationship. He’s looking for new ways to prove his love to you.

And, he cares about everything you do. When the going gets tough, he doesn’t run away. On the contrary, it clings to move your relationship forward.

Together you try to find ways to bond and grow together.

7. He feels the need to protect you.

All men have an instinct for protection. And, a man in love even more.

Not only will he behave like a true gentleman with his partner, but he will also do everything to avoid her suffering.

The one he could inflict on her or the one that others could cause. So, he will protect his partner from physical, emotional and mental pain.

In short, he will come between her and all the negative influences in her life. It’s a bit like the hero’s instinct!

8. He’s arguing with you.

I know it might sound weird but it’s true! Just because you’re arguing with your man doesn’t automatically mean your romantic relationship is going through a rough patch.

No… If your man is really invested in your relationship and if he loves you sincerely, he will take the time to argue with you, discuss and find solutions to your problems.

The occasional disagreement is proof that he wants your relationship to work. Indeed, when the two partners seek to find common ground to be happy, it is a sign that love goes both ways.

9. Even on your worst days, he thinks you are beautiful.

Let it be clear, a man in love does not care what his partner looks like.

For him, she is still beautiful. How many times have you heard a friend of yours complain that her partner asks her to lose weight?

Or, have you ever had a boyfriend who criticized your acne or how dull looking you had a cold?

Well, this behavior is not that of a man in love. Such a man does not care to see his partner on his 31 or in pajamas because, for him, she is always the most beautiful of all.

10. He cares about your friends and family because they are important to you.

A man in love fully understands that the people you love are important to you.

Logic! So if they are happy, so will you. Logical, too! So, if your partner really cares about you, they’ll patiently listen to the stories you tell about the lives of your loved ones.

He will recognize the important place they have in your life so he will suggest solutions to their problems.

Because, he will sincerely take an interest in their well-being.

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